Angry Donors Demand Spitzer Return Donations

He’s Been Laundering Between Many Campaigns for More Than Two Decades

IRVINE, CA – – At least 10 donors who were shocked to find that they are listed on campaign financial disclosure reports filed by district attorney candidate Todd Spitzer are demanding that Spitzer return the money. Spitzer has been laundering the donations for more than two decades as a career politician jumping between elected offices.

“My late husband Gary and I donated to one of Spitzer’s campaigns more than two decades ago,” said Collene Campbell, an iconic national leader of the crime victims rights movement and former Mayor of San Juan Capistrano. “Sadly, my husband has recently passed away and for Spitzer to use money we donated to another election to his campaign for district attorney dishonors my husband’s memory and victimizes my family. It is unethical and if this isn’t against the law already, it should be. We have never supported Spitzer for district attorney. I personally support District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.”

“I donated $500 to Spitzer five years ago,” said Shawn Steel, former California Republican Party Chairman and current representative to the Republican National Committee. “I in no way support his current campaign against Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, and I demand that my donation be refunded or donated to a local charity of my choosing.”

“Spitzer’s actions to move campaign money from one office to another in some sort of political money laundering scheme violates the integrity of the elections process,” former O.C. Supervisor William Steiner stated. “I am not supporting Spitzer for district attorney. I donated money to one of his campaigns and now he is using that donation to run against someone I am supporting.”

The 10 individuals who have demanded refunds from Spitzer are:

Businessman Jim Brakke

Attorney Ron Brower

Collene Campbell, Founder, Memory of Victims Everywhere

O.C.Supervisor Andrew Do

Businessman William “Buck” Johns

Reza Karkia, Former Commissioner, State of California Council on Criminal Justice, and President, American Institute of Higher Education Resources

Businessman David Lippa

Businessman Matt Schaffinitz

Shawn Steel, Former Chairman of the California Republican Party

William Steiner, Former O.C. Supervisor

All 10 donated to old committees and none of them gave Spitzer permission to use their donations to run for district attorney. Spitzer has been hoarding campaign donations for 22 years, laundering money in and out of various political committees as he has plotted his political ambition. The financial disclosure reports Spitzer filed with Orange County on Jan. 31, 2018, include donations made to various political campaign committees, some 22 years ago. The financial disclosure reports show that of the $1,506,636 of Spitzer’s report, $1,281,049 or 85 percent was transferred from prior campaign committees. In the current cycle to run for district attorney, Spitzer has raised less than $260,000.

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