How many homicides go unsolved in California and the nation?

Four decades.

That’s how long it took police in California to identify and, on Wednesday, April 25, arrest Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, below, the man they believe is the Golden State Killer, who was linked to at least 12 homicides and 50 rapes in the 1970’s and 80’s. While law enforcement, and victims of the killer, welcome the apprehension, it raises a question: How many killings go unsolved?

The map below offers a state-by-state breakdown of the percentage of slayings solved, according to theĀ Murder Accountability Project.

California had the highest number of reported homicides in the period, 113,762. The state with the second-most was Texas, with 70,807. New York followed with 57,641.

The annual average of reported homicide cases for California in the period was 5,125.


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