Message from Tony

It has been a privilege to serve as your elected District Attorney since 1998 and I want to personally share with you my decision to seek re-election to this office in 2018. As I seek re-election, I will be running on the strong track record of our office where I oversee and am responsible for the performance of hundreds of attorneys, investigators and professional staff who work tirelessly to ensure the administration of justice in our county. The following are some highlights of our team’s accomplishments.


We continue to deploy a 4-pronged approach in fighting gang crime; aggressively prosecuting gang members, targeting and dismantling gang leadership, enjoining gang members from terrorizing their neighborhood, and preventing children from joining gangs. Through our Orange County Gang Rehabilitation and Intervention Partnerships (GRIP), we are educating parents to lead their children away from gangs and incentivizing children by offering an alternative to joining gangs.


The OCDA’s Human Exploitation and Trafficking Unit, along with its partners in the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force, has been universally and nationally recognized as the “best practice model.” Since its inception four years ago, the PERP (Prosecution, Education, Resources and Publicity) plan has yielded 200 felony convictions and sent 70% to state prison: 6 of them for life and one for 233 years.


The OCDA is the only prosecutor’s office in the nation to have developed its own database of DNA to solve violent and property crimes. It possesses a Rapid DNA machine that allows us to obtain a prison conviction within 50 days of a crime. The DNA program has led to convictions of unsolved crimes and obtaining prison sentences for those convicted.

Starting with military service, then as a social worker, then as a line prosecutor, and ultimately as a Superior Court Judge before being elected District Attorney, I have worked to serve the residents of Orange County for most of my adult life. To this day I continue to wake up each day eager to serve and with your support I look forward to another 4 years. 

Tony Rackauckas