OC District Attorney files lawsuit accusing California Board of Parole Hearings of violating victim’s rights

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has filed a lawsuit against the state parole board, alleging that a parole hearing for a man convicted of killing his friend by beating him and tossing him out of a Cessna was improperly advanced by a year.

By filing the lawsuit, Orange County prosecutors are hoping to head off a parole hearing scheduled next month for Lawrence Cowell, who is currently serving 25 years to life for the 1982 murder of Scott Campbell, the son of former San Juan Capistrano mayor and longtime victim’s rights advocate Collene Campbell.

Collene Campbell in a news conference on Tuesday morning criticized the parole board for repeatedly cancelling or re-scheduling parole hearings at the last minute, even after victim’s families have traveled long distances to attend the hearings.

“What is going on in the state of California to victims is very unfair and very demeaning to a family that is already hurting,” Campbell said. “Something needs to be done, something needs to be changed. The good people are being knocked around.”

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