OCDA Candidate Todd Spitzer Campaign Claim Challenged by Prosecutors

An organization of Orange County prosecutors Thursday criticized Supervisor Todd Spitzer, a candidate for District Attorney, for embellishing his record as an Orange County crime fighter.

Spitzer has been sending mailers to voters boasting he was voted prosecutor of the year by Orange County deputy district attorneys.

That was in 1992.

“It’s a little bit confusing, especially since it’s not clear who voted for him,” said Cyril Yu, chairman of the Association of Orange County Deputy District Attorneys’ Civic Action Committee.

“Another flyer just says he was voted Orange County’s top prosecutor. It’s kind of deceptive and it comes across like, hey, this guy is a top-notch prosecutor when the reality is that was 26 years ago… when I was getting out of high school.”

Yu said he understands politicians can sometimes “fudge things,” but he argued anyone running to be a top law enforcement official should be held to a higher standard.


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