Superior Court orders Todd Spitzer to correct lie in ballot statement

Santa Ana, CA – – District Attorney candidate Todd Spitzer has been ordered to correct the official ballot statement he submitted to the Orange County Register of Voters after he was caught lying about his record.

An Orange County Superior Court ordered Spitzer to change his ballot statement, removing the false claim that: “I’ve chaired 100 trials with a 100% conviction rate.”

Two false statements in Spitzer’s ballot statement of qualification were challenged by three-time crime victim Collene Campbell, the founder of Memory of Victims Everywhere (MOVE). Her persistence and support brought justice for her son Scott, who was murdered by being thrown out of an airplane because the murderer wanted to steal Scott’s sports car, and her brother and sister-in-law, racing legend Mickey Thompson and his wife Trudy, who were murdered by a man who hired hit men to steal their money.

“Unfortunately, I have spent decades in the criminal justice system to help bring justice for the murder of my three immediate family members. For anyone who is or is trying to be the District Attorney, it is critical that he is 100 percent honest about himself and any fact he represents. Spitzer tried to falsify his record to make himself look better and signed that he was attesting it to be true,” said Campbell. “We need to insist on absolute truth in these ballot statements, so voters are accurately informed, not misled.”

Spitzer was ordered to correct his false statement of having a 100% conviction rate after numerous records showing he did not, including official government documents and press accounts, were presented to the court.

Count 2 challenged his false claim of having co-wrote Marsy’s Law. In fact, Spitzer was terminated from Marsy’s Law organization after he was reprimanded “for making the false claim about his role with Marsy’s Law” and instructed him to stop telling people that he was a Marsy’s Law co-author. Two recognized co-writers affirmed that Marsy’s Law was written by Doug Beloof, Paul Cassell, Meg Garvin, Steve Ipsen, Henry T. Nicholas III, and Doug Pipes, and not Todd Spitzer.

In order to avoid holding up the printing of ballots, Collene Campbell decided to drop Count 2 about the authorship after her lawsuit exposed Spitzer’s fabrication.


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