Todd Spitzer Lacks The Ethics and Maturity to Be DA

The job of a district attorney requires someone who has impeccable ethics and maturity. Todd Spitzer continues to prove he lacks both. Here is another example.

A couple of months ago, Spitzer sent an email to OC Republicans attacking District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, a life-long Republican, for endorsing three Democrats for local offices over the course of 20 years.

Now we find out that Spitzer, begging the firefighter union for a ticket, proudly attended the Orange County Democratic Party’s Annual Truman Day Fundraiser. This is what he posted on his Facebook:

District Attorney is a nonpartisan office and there is nothing wrong with candidates for nonpartisan offices attending this event. But Spitzer talking out of both sides of his mouth has become a near daily occurrence. OC can’t afford a DA who will say anything to win since the job requires someone who will pursue justice and do the right thing.

One more thing, it was then-Assemblyman Todd Spitzer who provided the key vote to pass a Democrat-sponsored retroactive pension-spiking bill that has nearly bankrupt local cities, so we guess you could say he definitely earned that ticket.