Todd Spitzer Secrecy Costs Taxpayers $122,364 in Legal Fees

His “citizen arrest” and handcuffing of local pastor – and attempts to have the county cover-up his actions – call into question his judgement and temperament.

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Orange County to pay news publication $121K in lawsuit over Spitzer’s emails about citizen’s arrest

By JORDAN GRAHAM  8/9/2017

Orange County will pay a local investigative news publication more than $121,000 in legal fees it spent fighting to obtain documents Supervisor Todd Spitzer wrote about his 2015 citizen’s arrest of an evangelist, which the county attempted to withhold from the public.

County supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday, Aug. 8, to approve the settlement, nearly three months after a superior court judge ordered the release of a draft op-ed and corresponding emails that Spitzer wrote about the incident. The county did not reveal the settlement total, but Voice of OC later announced the amount it had been reimbursed.

“It’s sad that you have to spend two years in court and it costs taxpayers close to a quarter-million dollars – when you add the county’s (own) legal costs – to keep (private) a series of frankly straightforward documents that are clearly public,” Voice of OC Publisher Norberto Santana Jr. said. “I’ve never seen a more politically driven legal strategy in my life.”

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